2013    Bronze Medal at the International Circus Festival Saint Paul lés Dax ­- France

2013    Silver Medal (second time) at Wuqiao Circus Festival, Shijiazhuang ­- China

2013    Bronze Medal at the International Circus Festival City of Latina ­- Italy

2013    Gold Medal at the International Circus Festival Golden Trick of Kobzov - Ukraine

2012    Special award of the Bolshoi Circus at the Golden Buff Festival, Moscow - Russia

2010    Gold Medal for direction of “Hope” at Saint Petersburg Circus Festival - Russia

2009    ROSGOS Circus Art Festival “Guest of Honor” grand prix in Moscow - Russia

1998    Circo Chen Award for direction Int Circus Festival of Budapest – Hungary

1995    Silver medal Wuqiao Circus Festival, Beijing - China

1994    Silver medal Gran Premio dell Circo, Genoa - Italy

1993    "Hortobagyi Karoly nivo dij" Hungarian Ministry of Culture, Budapest - Hungary

1993    Bronze medal Festival Internacional de Circo, Santiago - Chile

1988    Gold Award Performing Art Spring Festival, Pyongyang – Korea

1988    "Performer of the year" Hungarian State Circus, Budapest - Hungary

1987    Bronze medal Festival de Circuba, Havana – Cuba

1987    Silver medal Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain, Paris – France

 "Practice makes perfect, yet perfection is not attainable... so let's just practice! " 
kristian kristof