NATÁLIA DEMJÉN / aerial silk with live singing and violin play

After the wonderful experiences of acting in theaters, Natalia found her self behind the scenes of a magical and mysterious place called the circus. It was the world of circus that gave her the opportunity to use her musical background and athletic abilities all within a single concept. Singing and playing the violin in the air while performing aerial stunts and telling a story is exhilarating and professionally incredibly demanding. This dream was realized by a long work process with the Maciva Master Studios in Budapest. Natalia performed "Hope" an experimental contemporary act, winning the Planetary Carnival of Stage Direction in Saint Petersburg. She faced challenges playing the role of Natasha in "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy at Gifforsd Theatre-Circus in the UK. Also performed at Circo Mundial and Benidorm Circus in Spain for an enitire year. Her latest act "Migrant Heart" won the bronze medal at the 2013 International Circus Festival of Albacete and was also awarded the special prize of the International Circus Festival of Namour. In 2013 Natália competed at the International Circus Festivals of Kiev winning a Bronze, at Latina the special prizes of Rosgos Circus & Yakuzia Circus and in St Paul Dax the special prize of the city council. Natália performed in Mexico City for Hermanos Fuentes Gasca under the artistic direction of David Larible. Later signed up with Moira Orfei the most celebrated Circus in Italy for an entire year. Followed a contract in Kazan, Tataristan's State Circus and the famed Teatro Circo Price of Madrid.  


Current promotional video 2013

Migrant Heart

Archive videos of 2010